Magnesium Glycinate 150mg in Vegan Capsules, Better Absorbing than Tablets | 100% Pure & Non-Buffered for Maximum Bioavailability & Absorption with NO Laxative Effect - Non-GMO | Nested Naturals

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Manufacturer Description

MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE CHELATE: The most bioavailable form of supplemental magnesium available

No Laxative Effect

Check out the reviews and you'll see the thing people most love about our Magnesium Glycinate is that there's no laxative effect, in contrast to so many other magnesium supplements.

Chelated Magnesium Glycinate for Maximum Absorption

Of all of the various forms of supplementary magnesium available, chelated magnesium glycinate is the most bioavailable, which means your body is able to extract more benefit.

No Added Calcium

We leave the calcium out of our magnesium supplement so that you have a better shot at absorbing all the magnesium you need.

Got allergies? We've got you covered.

Nested Naturals Magnesium Glycinate is soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free and certified gluten-free. It contains no barley, yeast, corn, sugar or preservatives.

Full Transparency in Labeling

We believe that you deserve to know everything that goes into your body. That's why we include every single ingredient on our label ... not just the active ingredients. We are transparent about the "other" ingredients that are necessary to create a working supplement that other labels often don't bother to mention, such as thickening agents, capsule materials and natural flavoring.

We Want You to Love It, Or Your Money Back

We've crafted something that we're really proud of. Each batch is made with love and we never cut corners, ever. If you don't love it, we'll be a little sad. But ultimately, friend, it's more important to us that you are happy. If for whatever reason, you aren't satisfied, we'll refund your money. There's no hitch. Just email or call us.

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Product Features

HELLO, WE'RE NESTED NATURALS. NICE TO MEET YOU. - We're a socially conscious company destined to transform the clutter and confusion around supplements. We believe in only using the highest quality ingredients, standing behind our products, 3rd party testing every batch, and donating to charity to make the world a better place. Every product we make is designed to improve your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing. We love our customers and hope you'll love us too. VEGAN CAPSULES THAT ABSORB SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER THAN TABLETS - All Nested Naturals capsuled products are made with Vegan capsules that contain no gelatin, bovine, or animal products. Because our capsules dissolve quickly, your system is able to absorb the magnesium inside faster and in greater quantity than tablets. MAXIMUM ABSORPTION MAGNESIUM WITH NO LAXATIVE EFFECT - Nested Naturals Magnesium Glycinate contains pure, non-buffered elemental magnesium chelated with the amino acid glycine - which means the magnesium has been chemically bound to a glycine molecule. This facilitates efficient transport into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall, ensuring maximum bioavailability and complete magnesium absorption without the adverse laxative effects of other cheaper forms like Oxide and Chloride. MAGNESIUM: THE RELAXATION MINERAL (AND SO MUCH MORE!) - Magnesium is the relaxation mineral. It helps to soothe anything that is tight, irritable, crampy, or stiff, whether it's a body part or even one's mood! But that's not all, Magnesium is also crucial to the body's function, supporting the heart, nervous system, and cellular energy. It reduces fatigue and anxiety, and is involved in the proper maintenance of your bones and muscles. SUPPORTS 300+ BIOCHEMICAL REACTIONS IN YOUR BODY - Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. It also promotes normal blood pressure, is involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis, as well as over 300 more biochemical reactions in your body!